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A fair number of homes and buildings have received damage from recent storms in TN, AR, AL, MS and MO areas. Weather events such as these have brought damaging wind and hail, and many are unaware of the damage they have sustained from these storms.

Damage has been found in the Jackson, Brownsville, Savannah, Trenton, Obion, Bells, Henderson, Denmark, Milan, Medina, Oakfield, Lexington, and Farmington areas, to name a few.

If you have wind or hail damage, it may be very difficult to detect if you do not know what to look for, especially if you are trying to see it from the ground.

It is very important to get your roof inspected. If you received this damage, your shingle life expectancy has been cut by 90%. This will cause your roof to leak prematurely in the very near future.

We will work closely with your insurance company to get your roof and any other damages paid for.

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