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New roof installations for your homes and commercial buildings or repairs

No worry roofing

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Don’t worry about the winter chill, hail storms or downpours in the summer.

Your roof protects from harsh weather, high temperatures, and winter cold while keeping you comfortable. Properly installed and vented roofs help make buildings energy efficient so your heating and air conditioning bills stay as low as possible.

Expect the residential roofs we install to last for 50 years or longer, depending on the materials.

Our commercial roofing services include low-slope commercial roofs use the latest protective membranes to ensure protection for decades. We’ve worked on warehouses and retail stores.

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Your roof

Roofs are systems that include decking, underlayment, and the shingles, slate or other materials you see. Proper ventilation and insulation is needed so the roofing materials will last and remain healthy while keeping attics as dry as possible and reducing mold growth.

Heat always seeks cooler places.

In the summer, outside heat settles on the roof, penetrates the attic, and tries seeping into your home’s interior. The opposite happens in winter months when warm air escapes from the inside and tries to escape through the attic and out the roof or through windows.

Do you need a new roof?

Our roof services include we’ll repair your roof if that’s what works best, so how can you tell if you need a new roof?

Know the age—roofs installed more than 15 years ago used older materials. Today’s roofing materials are made to repel the sun’s rays.

Check the shingles—shingles that curl at the edge or are missing excessive granules show signs of aging.

Look for water spots—can you see watermarks in the attic?

Have you lost shingles or do you see wood rot under the eaves?

Maybe your house has been updated and you need a new look with lifetime materials.

green metal roofing on home


Roofing materials

We measure once, so we don’t have to cut twice. We’ll quote your project based on the coverage needed and materials selected.

We choose the best roofing materials for your project:

Decking—this gives your roof a solid foundation

Underlayment—today’s underlayment is designed to last for decades and repels heat that would get absorbed into the attic

Outer covering like shingles, slate, metal or other materials. Today’s roofing materials are made to repel the sun’s most harmful UV rays and enhance the look of your home. This prevents them from degrading prematurely.

Ridge caps lets heat rise and escape.

You’ll have many options to choose from.

Flashing and drip edge—these seal around vents and chimneys to prevent leaking while drip edge prevents water from curling beneath the overhang and causing wood decay.

Our roof services techniques

We protect your property during tear-off and the process so your lawn and driveway stay clean and any plants are safe.

Decking is laid out and covered with the underlayment to prevent warping. The right nailing techniques are used so the roof holds securely during high winds, and each piece of flashing and drip edge is guaranteed to protect against leaks.

A roof’s value

Save on utility bills and boost your home or commercial property’s value.

A 2020 survey from showed homeowners recouped up to 65% of a roof’s cost in Tennessee and surrounding states.

This is consistent with previous findings by the National Association of Realtors saying in 2017 that A new roof will help you recoup about 68.8% at time of resale as well.

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