Yesterday, August 28th, three individuals from Affordable Construction showed up at my home to complete job. The leader of this group was named Victor Toscano. It was with great pleasure that I report to you my experience with these individuals. Upon arrival, Mr. Toscano introduced himself and gave me an explanation of why he was there and the names of the two individuals he brought with him. Mr. Toscano wanted me to explain to him what the job involved. After my explanation, the team went to work.

The team was very quiet, well mannered, and very knowledgeable about the job. I don’t believe I ever saw a group work so hard. They completed the job in record speed and before leaving cleaned my property in an effort to leave it the way they found it when they arrived on site. Mr. Toscano gave me a complete, detailed description of the job and if I had any concerns he would attend to them. Upon completion of the job, Mr. Toscano requested I look the job over and anything I had a concern about to let him know, and he would make it right.

I must say, this team lead by Mr. Toscano was by far the best group I have had doing any work at my home. I would not hesitate to use Affordable Construction again knowing they have employees like Mr. Toscano and his team. Please give them a big thanks for me and a gold star for being such professionals.